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My hikes in Griffith Park for Google Earth (Updated 5/2/2012) - this is a work in progress
This contains a network link to a KMZ file that I update after most hikes
Here's the KMZ file in Google Maps if you don't have Google Earth.

Sierra Club :  Angeles Chapter :  Griffith Park Section
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Race into Space @ Sourceforge
qslReport @ Sourceforge

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Various club/event numbers for my reference
Elecraft K1 #1529, KX1 #0018, HexKey E0139
QRP-L #2420
FP QRP #-540
Triple H Net #798
3905 CCN SSB 100pt 40m-#2175 75m-#2484
FISTS #9126
Norcal Zombie #803

I play a Deering Golden Era and Goodtime Banjo
Profile for k6mmc

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
From n3kl.org

HF Propagation
D-Region Absorption Prediction
6 hour X-Ray plots

Burbank Local Community Service

Community Disaster Volunteer

Los Angeles County Disaster Communications Service

Various Links

Sinfest xkcd
Linux Weekly News
Simple Gaelic
Recent Earthquakes

Ham Radio Related Links
American QRP Club ARRL K6ESE's Page DX4Win Logging Program KC0AFX CW Keys Norcal QRP Club Small Wonder Labs Generic Hamlinks page QRZ DXer's Calnet South Repeater Group APRS Location Satellite View of Home

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